Starting my graduate degree at University of New Mexico (US) in my 20th year of teaching, I find the topic of assessment in visual art very interesting. Always have.

Since the 1990’s assessment has been a hot topic in education research, but as an art teacher I haven’t been very much in touch with that research. Now I have access to a university library and its online databases. My first class Fall 2016 was Research in Art Education. I started this site to organize assessment-related findings.

I teach intellectually gifted students in Santa Fe, New Mexico, concentrating on the balance of creative and critical thinking with practical skills. My work with kids who are smart beyond their years is informed by the field of Gifted Education, but so much overlaps with the goals of art educators today!

Art and gifted education converge

Overlapping areas of concern include:

  • engendering creativity, originality, novelty, and voice
  • training for problem solving, resolving issues, meeting needs
  • teaching processes skills, dispositions, behaviors, and approaches that involve envisioning, creating, evaluating, refining, communicating ideas
  • developing latent talent through mentoring, accelerated learning, authentic involvement in the area of specialization
  • finding an area of specialization or passion
  • recognizing achievement or measuring growth
  • identifying children with high potential in order to help them grow to that potential

At the start of this blog I will make these the post categories.