Scribblebot: Full STEAM Ahead

“Art classrooms that rely on students ‘playing’ with materials and discussing findings to create understandings, rather than teacher led discussions and demonstrations, can act as a starting place for design thinking. . . It is the reciprocity between student and materials, along with fellow students and teachers in the class, which helps students construct understandings.” (p. 38, Gross & Gross, 2016)


Three sixth-graders designed the scribblebot with a nine-volt battery in the circuit to increase the strength of the vibrating motor (hot glue stick off center on the spindle). They were impressed with the power their design showed and attributed the random change-of-direction shown in the clip above to the “OP” (game jargon for “over-powerful”) design. It took two courageous designers to pick up the bot and start the redesign process for the next iteration.

Reference: Gross, K. and Gross, S. (2016), Transformation: Constructivism, Design Thinking, and Elementary STEAM, Art Education Vol 69, No. 6.



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